Do you have any regrets about your career directions ?

No,  not at all,  I'm not cut out for fame,  and I've got a lot of happy memories.

Have you any plans for the future ?

Well,  there was a time I would have liked my own establishment,  but I've learnt through bitter experience not to put all my eggs in one basket.

What in your opinion makes a good night ?

Drive, you've got to motor with Rock n Roll, you have to get the audience to relax and have fun.People are so tense these days,  I find it takes so much more effort to motivate them, and sometimes that doesn't happen until the last hour of the evening. But they always get there in the end.

Who would you say was your number one artist of all time ?

It has to be Elvis, although I do a great deal of his material, I draw the line at impersonating anyone, I like to do it my way !!

What is your advice to anyone starting in the music business ?

As far as technology is concerned, it is getting easier for someone to start a career in music But there are so many up and coming acts out there now although the talents there, I feel a stale pattern in material. They make the mistake of concentrating on too many big numbers, and forget the audience need to be acknowledged, and there are many good light hearted songs still laying dormant.

Has Rock n Roll changed much through the years ?

No, just the venues, it's a shame Rock n Roll is being played to a sit down audience, dance halls etc seem to be a thing of the past. You need to jive to Rock n Roll, although I've seen tables being shifted to one side of the room by customers wanting to dance, so they always seem to find room.

Now you're solo using Mini Discs, do you miss the live music ?

I'd be lying if I said no.Venues are smaller, music licences are fewer, and money is hard to come by. You have to adapt to what's going on around you, it's a business, just like any other.

Have you any new projects in the pipeline ?

I certainly have, my wife and I have been song writing for some time now, so I thought I'd throw in one or two of our own numbers on the new CD (out soon, See CD Collection for sale of CD's)

Duggie, have you anything you'd like to add ?

Yes, my futures so bright I'll have to wear shades !!